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How to get shoutouts: a beginner’s guide to Instagram shoutouts

In the world of dropshipping, there are many opportunities to promote your business. Many of these outlets leverage the power of the Internet, which allows entrepreneurs like you to reach customers in any location at any time of the day.

The most powerful Internet-based marketing tools for dropshippers are social media platforms, particularly Instagram. Thanks to its unique approach to advertisements, photo-based content, and a vast user base, Instagram is one of the best ways to start driving new customers to your site today.

Instagram Shoutouts: Affordable & Effective Advertising

Paying for advertising on Instagram is an effective marketing tactic, as affordable advertising is always the best advertising. The best way to boost your brand’s profile on Instagram is through a process known as shoutouts.

With shoutouts, businesses and entrepreneurs typically pay everyday Instagram users with lots of followers (known as micro-influencers) to upload content that showcases their product or service. This can be an incredibly cost-effective way to find new customers and increase sales.

For example, if you spend $50 on Instagram shoutouts and get $1,000 of sales in return, you’re sure to net a nice profit. Better yet, it is sometimes possible to exchange product samples for free shoutouts, which only increase the cost-effectiveness of this unique marketing tactic.

Maximizing Shoutouts: Finding The Right Niche

When you pay for a shoutout, it is essential to know that you are targeting Instagram users that will enjoy your offerings. To ensure success, work to align your brand with a niche on Instagram.

Examining the age, collective interests, and favorite brands of a micro-influencer’s followers before pursuing a shoutout will guarentee the best bang for your buck. If the answers to these types of questions lead you to conclude that marketing on Instagram is an excellent opportunity, the next step is creating a store account.

Creating Your Instagram Storefront

When creating an account for your brand, make sure to fill in relevant information, such as your website or the street address of physical locations. Take advantage of Instagram’s picture-based content style to showcase the best of what your product or service has to offer with an enticing call-to-action caption.

Make sure to showcase dropshipping products that align with the collective interests of your chosen Instagram niche. From here, it’s all about partnering with the best Instagram micro-influencers for your business.

Partnering With The Right Micro-Influencers

Finding the right Instagram micro-influencers for your dropshipping business can take some time, but it is well worth the effort. To get started, search for user profiles within your niche that have a large number of followers, a strong sense of user engagement, and a history of partnering with entrepreneurs for Instagram shoutouts.

Once you’ve found a list of potential accounts to work with, message them directly to see if anyone wants to partner on a shoutout. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get immediate responses, as some bloggers prefer only to do a few shoutouts to keep their account more authentic in the eyes of their followers.

Most importantly, keep it up and stay persistent. With a little time and effort, you’ll be making use of Instagram shoutouts for your dropshipping business in no-time!

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